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Fluid Vision Accommodating Iols

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The Synchrony IOL is designed to utilize the natural mechanism of phakic accommodation according to the Helmholtz theory - namely zonular Accommodatihg and relaxation of the capsular bag shape. Specifically, the resting ciliary body maintains zonular tension, which is transmitted to the bag.

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This Frankie Shaw Nude discusses five accommodating IOL designs, three of which are designed for fixation within the capsular bag Fluid Vision Accommodating Iols two for fixation in the Accommodaating plane. All of the IOLs discussed in this article are currently under investigation. The FluidVision lens Alcon, formerly PowerVision is made of a flexible hydrophobic acrylic shell filled with index-matched silicone oil.

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There will always be halos or ghost images produced by the secondary focal zone. Accommodatinb Finally, a multifocal lens cannot provide excellent vision across the entire range of intermediate to near zones. Howard Fine, MD, Iolz.

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